Items To Take To Rehab during-rehab

What To Carry Along When Going For Rehab

There are certain items that are not allowed in a rehab facility and so when checking in, you need to be sure which ones are allowed.

Rehab centres have various policies, which are strict about what you can bring with you during the treatment. Majority of facilities give you a list of permitted and prohibited items.

You will be admitted to the clinic as you get to the rehab where the entrance process will start. All the items that are not allowed will be eliminated at this step. While other centres provide you with the checklist of what you can bring.

However, all treatment centres allow you to bring in the necessities that are required. The policies on the kind of items you can carry will vary according to the centres.

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How To Find Information About What To Bring

Most rehab centres have their own website featuring a "What to Pack" webpage, where you will find information regarding what is allowed. Search for the FAQ page if that section is not present. Some centres are known to offer packing checklists, which is printable that you can refer to while packing. In case you are unable to find these information in print, you can always call your rehab centre for it. They should be able to help you with that concern. At the same time, they can walk you through and guide you on what to expect prior, during and after admission.

The Things That Are Necessities In Many Rehabs

It is a given that rules vary from one centre to another, others are still while others are a bit lenient.

Please find below the endorsed items

  • A list of names, home addresses, and telephone numbers of the people you want to be part of your therapy (those you care about, medical professionals, 12 step guarantors, etc.).
  • Your wedding ring or watch or other everyday jewellery items.
  • Other items can just be left at home.
  • Alarm clock with no other features like radio or what not.
  • Some centres are known to supply these items, and therefore, it would be better to verify this particular item before venturing out into the market to purchase them.
  • The original bottle from the drugstore with the information label integral and your actual prescription medicine.
  • Any medicine in liquid form must be new and sealed.
  • All this information should be provided before the patient is admitted.
  • Some cash can also be carried in small amounts £50-£100 in smaller bills for vending machines and store runs.
  • Your payment card in the form of debit/debit card or your check book.
  • Your insurance cards along with a method of identification [driver's license, passport, etc.].
  • If you want to make long distance calls, bring a calling card with you.
  • A notebook or a journal.
  • Envelopes and stamps.
  • Photographs of friends or loved ones you hold dear.
  • Reading materials like books however, some centres provide them to you.
  • You can bring your own, but rehabs usually allow books of some specific genre only like self-help, spiritually-oriented, etc.
  • TIP It is recommended that you carry just paperback books because they are easy to carry around than hardcovers.

The Attire You Should Have With You

Most centres for rehab adhere to a strict dress code, and therefore, it is essential for you to be aware about any restrictions, which may apply during the packing. If you are not sure about how to pack for the weather, you should be looking forward to packing layering options like T-shirts, sweaters, cardigans and jackets.

You have to bear in mind that the sizes of the rooms in the facility may not be as big as your room at home.

You should carry enough clothing for a week because you will have access to a laundry machine within the centres. It is best to take along only those clothes that can be cleaned easily.

You should bring weather-appropriate clothes for at least 7 days.

  • Shoes Comfortable shoes for everyday activities, sports and flip flops for the shower.
  • Shirts You need to make sure you bring the shirts that are allowed in that facility, tank tops need to be accompanied by cardigans.
  • Pants Comfortable pants fit for any occasion
  • Shorts Lengths may be determined by the centre to comply with a dress code.
  • Carry a few clothes that will be used for important events.
  • Socks
  • Undergarments.
  • Bathing suit Choose one-piece suits for woman and trunks for men.
  • Nightwear.
  • A jacket.
  • Bath robe.
  • A belt.
  • A hat.
  • Slippers.

Products Recommended For Personal Toiletries And Beauty

Majority of rehabs allow only alcohol-free hygiene and cosmetic products. Some allow alcohol-containing products only when alcohol doesn't feature in the first three ingredients. You will not be allowed to carry aerosols.

These toiletries and personal products should be enough you to last thirty days especially

  • Body sprays
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hair styling spray
  • Comb / brush
  • Feminine care products
  • Shaving cream
  • Lotion
  • Sunscreen
  • Makeup

Items Prohibited In Rehabilitation

A severe set of regulations and forbidden objects are present in every clinic. These are important to warrant a safe environment that is conducive to your wellness and recovery. These are the screened contrabands

  • Liquor and any form of drug
  • Medicines that are not prescribed
  • Sharp tools
  • Unsuitable videos
  • Foods and drinks
  • Personal hygiene and beauty products that have alcohol (mouthwash, colognes, etc.)
  • Electronic cigarettes of any form of vape.
  • Unapproved and previously opened medication (even if it is prescribed)
  • Nail polish and other related products
  • Movie DVDs and games
  • Sporting equipment
  • Skimpy clothes
  • Aerosols
  • Cleaning agents like bleach or ammonia
  • Electronic products
  • Gaming materials
  • Candles
  • Statement shirts with explicit or statements in reference to drugs, violence or substance abuse

Games and playing cards, video games and DVDs, and sporting apparatus may leave you wondering. Retrieval will be better off without such distractions. During certain times, the centres itself will make the arrangements necessary to make items like these available to you.

Most centres don't encourage consumption of too much caffeine and sugar, and that's why outside food and drinks are prohibited. You will get 3 main meals, along with snacks and beverages. You should inform your facility beforehand in case you are on a special diet.

Items Which Some Facilities Allow And Some Do Not

Each has their own rules and policies so do not expect that it is standard to all. While a number of things are prohibited across-the-board exceptions may be made by some facilities for the following.

  • Cell Phone and Laptop
  • In case you have this permission in your rehab, chances are your access to it is limited.
  • You must ensure that you do not forget your power cords.
  • Cigarettes
  • You may be allowed to smoke at some time.
  • You might not be allowed to bring more than a specific number of cartons.
  • Vitamins and OTC Medications
  • All the medicine should either be prescribed or new.
  • Gum
  • It must be unopened and sealed.
  • MP3 Player or CD Player
  • You might be permitted to bring along entertainment devices that can work without speakers and internet.
  • Camera
  • For patients who are photography enthusiasts, the are allowed with the privilege to bring their cameras with them.
  • Throwaway or Electric Razors
  • This though is largely not admitted in most centres.
  • Disposable razors are allowed in most cases.
  • Nail Clippers
  • Nail clippers may be banned by some centres, but this is not a common habit.
  • Additional Items
  • You may have permission to bring your own bedding, pillows, and objects that help you feel relaxed.
  • However, all these items should be allowed first.

Will I Retrieve Forbidden Items That I Accidently Take To The Clinic

It is possible that by mistake you pack something that is not allowed, but you should not worry in case this happens. In all likelihood, the centre will handover the item to the individual who accompanied you. In case you got no one with you at the time of admission, they will hold the item for 24 hours until your representative can claim it. Other centres will just keep them for your and return the same once you have cleared the program and leave the centre.

This is mainly in instances where the close relatives are far and cannot come immediately. You need to be aware of all the rules and restriction in the facility before you come to check in. You also need to be sure of the safety of your items if they are not allowed inside the facility. If the centres do not store the items, you can ask them to ship them back for you.

Packing For Rehab If you have all the information from the rehab, this process becomes less hectic. Ask for a checklist whenever available so you can use as a guide. As a generally suggested idea, pack and travel light and keep it to bare essentials.

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